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How to be connected with friends on Fitbit Charge 2


How to be connected with friends on Fitbit Charge 2

Fitbit Charge 2 Tutorial
How to be connected with friends on Fitbit Charge 2 - Motivations can come from anywhere, anytime, and anything, includes from friends. Sometimes, competing with friends and family and encouraging one another is a great way to stay motivated. Thankfully, Fitbit gives you a chance to get all this opportunity to compete with your friends and family by connecting with them. This is what we want to share a guide with you in Fitbit Charge 2 tutorial about how to be connected with friends on Fitbit.

How to be connected with friends on Fitbit Charge 2

If you have read everything about how to be connected with friends on Fitbit Charge 2, you will know how to keep up with friends. When you are keeping up with friends, the Friends tile shows your ranking based on a 7-day step total. Each person’s total shown in the Friends tile is accurate as of the last time that person synced. You can tap or click a friend to see his or her profile page, which includes information they choose to share, such as step average, top badges, trophies, and their friend list. What you can see from your friend’s information depends on that friend’s Fitbit privacy settings. So, you won’t be able to see all of your friend’s information unless he or she choose it to be visible to you.

How to Keep up with friends
When you are connected with your Firbit friends, you can cheer, taunt, or message your friends. You and your friends and family are able to motivate one another, try participating in a fun challenge, and many more. Challenges are a fun way to help you stay motivated in reaching your goal. With this fun challenge, you can compete with friends and family or complete personal, non-competitive journeys. Whenever you want, you can share specific accomplishments with family and friends over social media, text, or email. Especially with your Fitbit friends, you can share profile information, average daily step count, sleep data, activity data, and badges. While with anyone else, you can share your exercise accomplishment, challenge result, landmarks you reach in adventures, and badges using any app that allows photo sharing, including text message, email, Facebook, and more.

Fitbit Charge2 Manual
How to add friends on Fitbit Charge 2
One of the most important part of this tutorial about how to be connected with friends on Fitbit, is adding friends to be your Fitbit friends. When you are connected with friends, anytime you want you can choose to add friends, up to a maximum of 2000, by one of the following methods:
Contacts – you can see you contacts to know who have Fitbit accounts and those who don’t. If you wish to connect with anyone in your contact who has Fitbit account, you can invite him or her to be your Fitbit friend. You able to sett fitbit friends privacytoo. The Fitbit Charge 7 app for Windows 10 also shows you friends of friends. Your friends’ friends list appears only if your friends do not privatize their friends list. This information is not available on the fitbit dashboard.

Facebook – if you choose to connect your Fitbit and Facebook accounts, you can also see your friends who also have Fitbit accounts linked to Facebook. When you see a friend with Fitbit account, you can invite him or her to be a Fitbit friend. Whenever you want to stop connecting your Fitbit account with your Facebook, you can revoke access to Facebook from your Fitbit account by revoking access to the Facebook app on your fitbit dashboard (Settings > Applications). You can also revoke access to Facebook through the Fitbit Charge 2 settings on your mobile device. if you have more than one Facebook account, you can’t connect all of the accounts to your account, you can only choose one of the accounts to be linked to your account.
Email – you can type in the email address of anyone whenever you want to invite to Fitbit.
Here are Fitbit Charge 2 Manual several steps you need to know about how to add friends:

Through Fitbit app
    Fitbit Charge 2 Tutorials
  1. Tap or click the + icon from the Fitbit app dashboard.
  2. Tap or click Add Friend
  3. Choose how you want to connect to your friends and follow the onscreen instruction to complete the process.
Ensure that you grant the Fitbit app access to the requested features of your mobile device if you are using lattest Android.

Fitbit Charge 2 Tutorial add friends Through fitbitdashboard
  1. Find the friends tile on the dashboard.
  2. You can add friends by connecting your Fitbit and Facebook accounts and then adding your friends from Facebook, or you can send an email invitation to someone to join Fitbit and become your friend. Click either the Facebook or email icon to connect with friends.
  3. If you don’t see the Friends tile on your fitbit friends leaderboard :
  • Click the Tab icon on the left side of the dashboard.
  • Click the checkbox next to the Friends tile or any other tile you want to add to your dashboard.
  • Click Done to end the session.
We Hope this Fitbit Charge 6 tutorial about how to be connected with friends on Fitbit guide you better and usefull.